Vehicle Description The car you are viewing is a 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce Spider. The car is an original 1600 Veloce, not a Normale that was converted. This is the nicest one I have ever seen. If you end up buying this car I can assure you that you wonít be disappointed in any way.
I am listing the car for a very good friend. I used to work for him when he owned the local Alfa Romeo dealership here in Pittsburgh. He came to this country from Italy over forty years ago and built up his business working on Italian cars until he owned a both an Alfa Romeo and Lamborghini dealership. He has since retired. This is his personal car that he completely restored with the intention of keeping it for himself. This car was restored to the highest standards and has been well sorted out. I would not hesitate to drive this car cross country. The only reason he is selling the car is that he is getting older and has retired to South Carolina. The car is currently located in Hilton Head, SC. He is looking to get into a more modern car that he can drive on a regular basis such as a Ferrari 355. If you have one you are interested in trading, please donít hesitate to contact me.

My friend purchased the car roughly ten years ago from the original owner. The car is originally from California. When my friend and I found the car, it was in Ohio and was very solid but in need of a restoration. It took over two years to complete the restoration. The car has been driven roughly 3,000 miles since the restoration was completed. I have included some pictures of the restoration for you to see.

All of the work listed below was performed at the time of the restoration.


The engine was completely redone with new valves, valve guides, pistons, liners, water pump, bearings (mains and rods), etc.. The crankshaft was cut and the entire engine was balanced. Both the starter and generator were rebuilt. The radiator was re-cored. The cap, rotor, points, condenser, voltage regulator, wires, coil, hoses, filters, and belts are all new.

Transmission / Driveline

The transmission was completely rebuilt with a new second gear and any necessary synchroís replaced. A new clutch assembly was installed and the flywheel was balanced with the engine. While the driveshaft was out of the car, the universal joints were replaced. The rear end was cleaned and inspected but did not need any work performed other than fresh fluid and new seals.


The suspension was completely disassembled, inspected, cleaned/painted, and any worn parts were replaced. The shocks are Original Equipment. The springs were replaced with a set from Shankle that lowered the car roughly an inch. They are not overly stiff but they do keep the car much flatter during cornering.


The brakes were completely gone through with new pads, shoes, rebuilt calipers, rebuilt master cylinder, rebuilt wheel cylinders, and all new brake lines and hoses.


The complete exhaust system was replaced.

Wheels and Tires

The wheels and hubcaps were redone. All wheel bearings were replaced. The tires are like new. The tires are the correct Michelins and were purchased from Coker Tire.


As I mentioned earlier, the car was very solid to begin with. All of the jack points are in excellent condition and were not rusted. There was some rust on rocker panels but is was very minimal and was repaired with new metal. The entire car was stripped down to metal and repainted in the correct, original color. The interior, trunk compartment and engine compartment were painted at the same time. The underside was covered with an undercoating which was then sprayed to match the rest of the body.


The seats and door panels were professionally redone. The convertible top framework was cleaned and painted and a new canvas top was installed. The carpeted areas were redone and new, correct rubber mats were installed as a complete set including the trunk area. The dashboard was re-covered correctly and looks like new. All weatherstripping and rubber seals were replaced. A new windshield was installed. All of the gauges were disassembled and cleaned. All of the gauges and dash switchgear work like new. The steering wheel is in amazing condition with no cracks or peeling.


Every piece of chrome on the car was redone to show quality. The trim rings around the gauges were rechromed as well. The famous eyebrows on the front end were originally polished stainless steel and were kept original.

When you drive this car it is like driving a brand new one right off the dealershipís showroom.

I have had numerous people contact me for the engine number of this car. The engine number is AR0012102031. Several people have indicated that this engine is incorrect for the car based upon the engine numbers provided in Fusi's book. I am not sure what the discrepancy is but I would refer anyone questioning the engine number to visit or This site has a register of 1600 Giulia Veloce's. All of the Giulia Veloce's listed on this site have similar engine numbers that start with 00121-. I have contact several people who are more knowledgeable than myself to determine what the confusion is. I am also researching the question regarding the oil pan on this car. A couple people have indicated that the car should have a two piece aluminum pan. I will let you know what I find out, hopefully before the auction ends.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On Apr-27-04 at 03:39:07 PDT, seller added the following information:
Based upon my conversation last night with the gentleman who publishes the website, I have been able to determine that the engine in the car is the correct engine for the car. While the engine is original, the oil pan and oil pick-up are not correct. It is my best guess that the pan and pick-up were replaced at some time due to the original pan being damaged. Those of you who know Alfa's should know that hitting the pan on these cars isn't an uncommon occurrence.

It has also been brought to my attention that the paint color for this car is referred to as "Straw." The gentleman who publishes the register for this car informed me that this is only the third one he has found in this color. Considering that a total of 1,091 Giulia Veloces were made in 1964-1965 (According to the Fusi book), I don't find it hard to believe.

If anyone has any other questions regarding the car or its originality, please don't hesitate to contact me. I have spent a good bit of time and money to chase down cars for myself, only to find that they were not as described. The last thing I want to do is to misrepresent this car. I will do my best to answer any and all questions in a timely manner.