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Another attempt to clear my garage of "cobbled together projects"... Case and point is this wonderfully well used, and well preserved Alfa spyder veloce. The nice thing about it is that appears that it sat in a garage since 1974, as indicated in the meticulous records on mileage and fuel consumption that were kept in the glove box. It still has the original engine, carbs and all other mechanical pieces. What I like about this car is it has the 101 body but still retains the small tail lights and rear body work like the 750 series cars. In my opinion, the best of both words. The body is rust free. I checked every inch of it with a magnet. No rust or bondo anywhere. The body is original and solid. It doesn't appear to have ever been hit either. I did discover some areas of rust repair in the driver side floor and the trunk floor (see pictures). But other than that, its solid and original. I believe it is the original paint everywhere on the car except for the nose, which looks like it was spot painted to cover some rock chips. Like most alfas, with a little tinkering, it fired right up. But I must say I now understand why the original DCO3 carbs (which it still has) were often changed out to the more mild mannered 40DCOE's. Like my other Alfa auction, please keep in mind that this car is a project, not a giant project but a project none the less. Yes it starts, runs, stops and drives, the brakes work great too... And NO, I wouldn't recommend that you attempt to come to LA on the next Greyhound and drive it back to Booney-phuck, Alabama or any other far away local. It needs to have someone with the time and tools go through it first, and then you can drive the Begeebies out of it! Thank you for checking out my auction and good luck bidding.