HISTORY: (as copied from the website dated 2004)

According to Alfa Romeo the car was built on March, 28th 1963 and sold on May 3rd to Carlo Bianchi in Milan. As you can see it is one of the first Giulias - it also has those finned drum brakes up front. For the next 17 years the history of the car is unknown. In 1980 it surfaced in Austria in the southern province of Carinthia. It was sold in September 1984 and moved a little closer to Vienna (about 40km away).

As I described in my resume a friend drew my attention to this car when it was again sold in May 1985 - this time the lucky owner was me. The Giulia fascinated me from the beginning because it looked so small and really is inside. She had 51200 km on the tachometer and was in good condition. At that time there were only three SSs in Austria in running condition (by now there are about 10 cars - most of them imported from Italy). Over time the car was resprayed and gained a new interior. Mechanically there were some repairs, but no major rebuild. Now it runs better than ever and is - frankly spoken - my favorite car.

Production 1963
Engine-Number 00121.00032
Chassis-Number 10121.380140
Body Number 1399
Built on 28.3.1963 (Source: Alfa Romeo)
Sold on 3.5.1963 (Source: Alfa Romeo)
Color exterior: rosso; interior: beige