HISTORY: (as copied from personal correspondance)

Up for sale is a 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale, one of the rare and legendary cars in Alfas history. Model History

I was told that out of the 1400+/- made from 1962-1965, there are probably only 700-800 left. This Cars History.

My wife’s grandfather bought this car in mid 1976 to add to his 40 car collection, but he passed away in September 1976 and the car has been stored in an airplane hangar in north Dallas Texas for 33 years. It has been in the original state since he bought it and has had the normal upkeep . The vin is AR 381379 which is #20 from the last on ever made. I sent an email to Alfa Romeo’s Documentation Center and they replied; “According to our documentation files, the chassis number AR 381379 originally corresponds to an Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale (101.21), manufactured on the 21st January 1965 (less than 2 months before the latest chassis) and sold on the 13th May 1965 to Alfa Romeo Inc. Newark, U.S.A. The body colour is white, with red interiors.”

I was told that these cars where often painted again at the dealership at purchase for the new owner if they wanted a different color. Hence the red car now.


The original 51000 mile, 1600cc 4 cylinder motor runs. It still has the original generator instead of the modern day alternator. The desired Weber 40DCOEs carburetors are present, but probably need to get adjusted to keep the motor from choking at low RMP’s. The back two cylinders have low compression. The front cylinders are near 150 lbs and the rears are close to 100lbs.I’ll change out the fuel pump because I don’t think it is priming the line to be able to start. I have to use one or two shots of starter fluid to get her started after sitting a day or so, but once she runs, it’ll start every time. The car runs and drives. I have driven it a total of probably 50 miles. I drove it 18 miles each way to an Alfa repair shop to get it checked out when we inherited it, and she did well. The Mechanic told me to fill it full of fluids and store it, or replace the fuel and brake lines, some seals to make it a reliable driver. Probably needs a valve job too.

Transmission Original 5 speed. It shifts good and all gears are synchronized. Those seals will probably need to be replaced. The clutch is in decent shape, it fully engages and disengages. Still pretty firm

Body The car is completely rust free from what I can see. It hasn’t been rained on in 35 years. It has all original body panels and no sight of repairs. The car was only 11 yrs old before it was stored for 35 years. Paint is in decent shape for the age. There are some spider cracks and chips. There is one dent in the passenger front fender, just being the head light bezel. The original thick undercoating is still there and all the jack points are in great shape. There is a sound proofing foam mat that is glued down to the front floor boards that look brand new. The trunk pan had no signs of rust or repairs under the carpet. Chrome is in good and also the hubcaps look original. Second muffler is missing.

Mechanical I just pulled the car out of storage this week, after 8 months of sitting. Before I stored it the brakes were working, but now they don’t. I’m in the process of figuring it out, but I’m pretty sure it’s the master cylinder, which I’ll rebuild if needed. The obvious dry rot on brake lines and tires for has occurred from sitting so long.

Interior Interior is in great shape. All carpets look new. The seats have no wear, tears or cracks. Headliner is in great shape. The dash is wood, which is not factory. I don’t have any information on that. Rear dash and front dash look good.

Electrical The head light were working before I stored it 8 months ago, but now are not. All gauges, switched and levers work. Dash, dome, blinker, brake, heater lights work. It still has the original under hood light, but it doesn’t work.

Here is a video of it driving

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