I purchased my 750F in October of 1964.
It was my first Alfa but my Dad, E.C. ( Mac) Macgowan had purchased a 58 750D new so I was very familiar with it. Learned to drive on my Dad's 58.
It was a daily drive for years. And my SCCA drivers school car in 1967. I had it finished once. But destroyed it in a fire in 82 or so when the flex joint exploded at about 100 in 4th. Getting ready to shift into 5th.
It has taken me forever to get it almost back together.
It is no where near stock. Too slow.
it has a 1750 with a GTA head, 1600 Veloce headers, 101 Veloce oil pan, 5 speed, 101 1600 5.12 diff, late model disc brakes all around. And lot of other good stuff.