HISTORY OF THE CAR: Alfa Romeo 800 Giulia Spider Veloce
"According to our documentation files, the chassis number AR 390381 originally corresponds to an Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce (101.18), manufactured on the 9th April 1965 and sold on the 20th April 1965 to Alfa Romeo Inc. from Newark, U.S.A. The body colour is white, with red interiors."

I bought 390381 from Brion Hearty last August, 2006. When I picked up the car and checked its Vin #, we found he had mistakenly recorded it as 390391, even on the vehicle's title. The metal shroud that covers the air intake tube at that location, and the amount of paint on the firewall, made it an easy mistake to make. Everything you have on the registry attributed to 390391 is actually 390381. As to the Dauphine connection, I have no answer. Brion bought the car from a guy in Massachusetts named Lou Shames some years ago.

I have tons of pictures, in addition to the ones Brion has on the Rgistry now. The car is still in the project stages, but progress is being made. I have rebuilt the front end and front disks and am working on the rear end now. I will gladly send pictures if you will give me you email address, or where else to send them.

Vehicle Description
1965 Giulia Spider Veloce, 800 engine is undergoing a major restoration. Roughly 1100 of these were built.The car has Carello lamps,correct period driving lamps. The car has the large Girling front disk brakes,the large drum rear brakes.